Our Process

Kaleidoscope Process

The Kaleidoscope process takes your brand and products from the sample stage right into the hand of the UK consumers. The process encompasses all aspects needed to deliver the correct solution, with detailed analysis of the UK market, both retailers and competitors, enabling your product to be positioned in line with specific objectives.

Sales and marketing strategies are created in collaboration with the retailers to develop your brand and grow sales, with the additional support Kaleidoscope can offer with marketing, PR and social media we can drive engagement and ultimately create a long-lasting relationship between the consumer and the brand.

Kaleidoscope provide the entire stock-holding and logistics solution as well as the returns management, all while meeting UK regulatory requirements and WEEE. Our processes are smooth running with just one point of contact for you.

Customer services and technical support provide the full end to end Kaleidoscope process, strengthening your brands expectation with customers and giving additional add on benefits to retailers.

Our services

Global coverage

UK, European and Global connections with retailers, both independents and multinationals.


Regular reporting on sales, marketing, social media and SEO, allowing continued growth and development.


Stock-holding, logistics and transportation, return management solutions provided.

Micro Site

Branded micro sites to promote and educate the UK market on your brands and products.

Competitor Analysis

Detailed competitor analysis and reporting to give clear understanding of the UK market place.


Social media management, video, graphic design and print. All marketing to promote your brand.


Detailed quarterly reporting on your brand and products is an important part of our service, this allows us to consult and look at successful areas of growth as well as developing campaigns and strategies to improve the brand continuously. Data will be provided to you in a clear format showing statistics from SEO, analytics, sales and social media insights.

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