Kygo Life was created out of Kygo’s enthusiasm to offer superior music experiences to everyone, regardless of people’s music taste. Therefore, our products are designed to produce exceptional sound and to fit each person perfectly.

“Kygo Life unites my love of music with modern Scandinavian design. The aim is to develop top-quality audio equipment that sounds amazing and looks great. Future classics that capture the euphoric feeling of my music.

Like my approach to everything, Kygo Life is driven to continually improve. So, as each product evolves it embraces the latest technology and focuses on perfecting the details

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until I’m absolutely happy the end result is the best it can be.

I hope that by creating new and inspiring audio experiences, you’ll enjoy listening to your favourite tunes even more.  ”

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We also have a dedicated team of audio and Bluetooth specialists who work closely with Kygo to ensure we have a dynamic and consistent sound image across our entire product range. Peter Larsen is our lead audio engineer and has over 40 years’ experience building loudspeakers. He helps us solve the many challenges faced when manufacturing and designing first-class audio equipment. 

Kygo is proud to be Norwegian and Kygo Life reflects that. All our products embody the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design and are developed in Scandinavia by our awesome design team. Together with our manufacturers in China, they do everything they can to find the right materials and forms to fuse stylish design with lasting comfort.